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Looking for the perfect puppy

Some helpful tips on looking for the perfect puppy are start with a reputable breeder. You can find them buy looking at the Canadian kennel club website If your looking for an American cocker spaniel puppy check out the available puppy page here. Your breeder will be here on the puppy list and a member of their Given breed club. Because they love to breed a better dog they also might be interested in showing their dogs and doing the appropriate testing's to select good matches of parents. If the breeder knows their breed standard they will have a copy of it and follow it. The breeder will be interested in helping get your questions answered along with helping you solve problems when and if they arise. Remember a breeder that has been involved in the breed for longer than 15 years will have a tremendous amount of knowledge to give and also be very willing to talk about the good and bad points to their breed.

Good luck in your search.


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